A new look at Apple’s men’s fashion stores

Apple’s latest men’s store is the first to feature men’s apparel and accessories as its main focus.

The Apple Men store at the mall in Seattle, Washington, is one of just two in the world that will also carry men’s footwear and apparel, according to the company.

The store is named after the original Apple Men’s store, opened in 1996, in Seattle.

Apple launched its own Men’s Men’s Store in the city last year, and has been expanding its Men’s Business and Outlet division ever since.

The new Apple Men Store in Seattle has been designed by J.C. Penney designer Jonathan Penney.

It includes a full-service bar, barbershop, and an outdoor bar.

The store also features a dedicated merchandise section.

The Apple Men Men’s boutique is located at the northwest corner of the mall, and features men’s shoes, apparel, accessories, and accessories from the company’s various brands.

The new store is not only the first men’s shop in the United States to feature apparel, but also to offer men’s accessories such as socks, belts, wallets, and more.

Apple has been making strides to diversify its men’s retail business, and is reportedly investing in a full line of men’s watches, hats, and gloves.

The company has been testing a new range of Apple Watches in stores in the U.S. since August.


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