Golfers flock to outdoor store as FSS opens in Cardiff

Golfers are flocking to the Cardiff Golf and Fitness Centre (CGC) after its opening this week.

It opened on Wednesday, bringing with it a huge outdoor shopping area and more than 500 sports clubs across three levels of training.

“We have a large group of golfers from all over the world,” said CGC director general Simon Walsham.

“Our first customer was from New Zealand.

We’ve had people from around the world coming here, including a couple of the World Golf Championships winners.

It’s an exciting day for us.”

CGC has more than 300 courses, including several in Wales, and offers players a range of recreational activities from golf to yoga to cycling.

Its new facilities include a pool, spa, fitness centre, and gym.

The golf and fitness centre is located on the first floor of a high-rise building.

There are 12 tennis courts and one swimming pool, as well as three gyms.

CGT has a range from classes for beginners to top level courses for experienced players.

There is a range in the fitness centre and on the golf course as well, and it also has a bowling alley.

Walsham said it was important for CGC to offer its customers a range and variety of recreational facilities.

“There’s a big range of things to do.

You can go bowling, tennis, cycling, golf, swimming, and we also have some classes on the green,” he said.

For those who can’t make it to the CGC, CGC also offers a range with its Fitness Club Card.

It can be used to access all facilities on the site.

A number of other sports have also opened in Cardiff this week, including golf, cricket, and tennis.

In the past, the CGT was run by an estate agent and the building has since been sold to a local firm.


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