How to buy an old car from an Asian grocery store

A car dealer who has been working with the US military to get old US-made military equipment to its troops may soon have an even more lucrative business: selling old military equipment overseas.

Read moreThe US military purchased millions of dollars worth of surplus military equipment from South Korea, China and Taiwan, and the South Korean government has been asking the US government to sell off its stockpiles in an effort to help pay for the construction of a new military base in the country.

The military’s purchase of equipment from overseas has been controversial, but the US Department of Defense is hoping to avoid a repeat of the controversy.

“We’ve seen this from the Japanese to South Korea,” said John Henson, a Pentagon spokesman, according to the Associated Press.

“I think this will be a great way to help with the reconstruction effort in the region.

The more we can get this stuff to the American people, the better.”

The Pentagon purchased the equipment for the South Koreans in the early 2000s, including a helicopter and a light aircraft.

The US military was using the helicopters and light aircraft to help train its forces, but they were being scrapped at the time.

After the helicopters were sold, the military was able to buy the helicopters back and rebuild them.

Now, the Pentagon wants to use the helicopter for training purposes and wants to sell the light aircraft for scrap.

“The South Korean military is very much in need of the equipment, so they’ve asked us to buy a small number of the vehicles and then to use them to train the South Korea National Guard and other personnel,” said Henson.

The US government bought the helicopters in the late 1990s and sold them off.

The vehicles were used for training and were eventually scrapped.

“They are surplus, so the government has a very limited number of them,” Henson said.

“It’s not uncommon to see that there are a number of military vehicles in the United States, and a lot of that is military surplus.”

The US Army is also looking to sell its surplus equipment to the South.

The Army purchased a helicopter from the South in the 1980s and then sold it off to the US Army.

The military used the helicopter to train and train soldiers, but now they are trying to sell it.

“In addition to this program, the Department of the Army has also recently begun a program to procure up to five F-35 aircraft for the National Guard,” said a spokesperson for the US National Guard, which oversees the Army’s Fort Bragg, North Carolina, base.

“This program is aimed at increasing the value of this aircraft to the National Guardsmen, the members of the National Security Guard and the American taxpayer, and will provide a new and reliable platform for our National Guard troops and members to train at our facility,” the spokesperson said.

The National Guard is also asking the Pentagon to sell military equipment.

In December, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021 called for $4.9 billion in surplus military gear.

The Army is trying to help the South buy the helicopter and the light jet planes.

The South has been able to use a fleet of F-15 fighter jets, F-16s and F-22s for training.

The South also has a fleet that can take on smaller, more expensive missions.

“So far, the US has purchased up to 200 aircraft, including F-5 and F/A-18 aircraft,” said the spokesperson.

“There are no restrictions on how many additional aircraft the US can purchase, and we are exploring a range of options.”

The F-117 fighter jet is currently used by the US Air Force, the Army, and Marine Corps, but some of the military’s smaller aircraft are also being purchased by South Korea.

The United States has purchased thousands of planes from the Chinese military, and now the US will be able to purchase F-18s and MiGs.

“Our plan is to buy up to two dozen more aircraft to meet the needs of the South,” the Army spokesperson said, according the AP.

“We are also exploring other options, including purchasing an additional F-17 aircraft.”

The South also plans to buy four F-4 Phantom fighters.

Henson noted that the South’s plan to buy more planes is not new.

The Pentagon originally purchased the F-2s, which the South bought in 1997, in 2006.

The F-1s were also originally purchased in 2006 and were used by South Korean forces.

“There are a lot more options on the table,” Hinson said.


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