How to save a ton of money with Amazon’s new $79 Prime store

Amazon on Monday said it will start selling its new $39.99 Prime store, which will launch in March, as part of a $7.99-a-month package that includes free shipping and 30 days of free Prime video streaming.

The new store will also be available in select U.S. cities in a second wave of the deal, Amazon said.

The store, located in Seattle, will feature an extensive assortment of products and will offer free shipping on orders of $99 or more.

The Prime Store is also available in more than a dozen other countries, including Canada and Mexico.

Prime shipping on Prime items costs $3.99 a piece.

The deal is part of Amazon’s efforts to make the online retail giant more appealing to people who shop for other products on its own.

Prime customers spend $49.99 annually on the $99 Prime membership, which gives them access to a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime, which comes with unlimited video streaming, Amazon Prime Music and Prime Video.

Prime members also get access to Amazon’s Prime Pantry, Amazon’s free online shopping service.

Prime membership costs $99 a year or $199 with Amazon Prime Access.

Amazon has not yet announced pricing for the new store.

Prime shoppers can use the app to add Prime members to their shopping cart, browse products, and then make payments.

The new Prime Store will include Prime-branded products like Amazon Echo speakers, Amazon Fire TV streaming sticks and Alexa-enabled speaker accessories, as well as Amazon’s latest, most powerful Fire tablets, Fire TV and Fire TV+ smart televisions.

Prime subscribers also get an assortment of Amazon Instant Video streaming and video content.

The Fire TV Stick and Fire TVs will be available at the new Amazon Prime Store starting March 11, with the rest of the devices to arrive later.

Prime will also include Amazon’s best-selling Kindle e-readers, Kindle Fire HD tablets and Kindle ebooks, and a range of Amazon Alexa-powered products.

Amazon also is introducing a new Amazon-branded home theater and DVD-based product line that it says will deliver the same best-in-class audio quality and video capabilities that Prime customers have come to expect.

The line will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2018.


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