‘I’m a guy who likes to go out and party’: Footwear retailer says it’s important to have a party every now and then

Footwear store Good Feet Store is a well-known store in downtown Vancouver, with locations in both inner and outlying areas.

And in an interview with CBC News, co-owner and CEO, John Giannakos, said that he knows of people who are “good” people who enjoy having a party with friends, and who are also “bad” people.

“They’ll have a beer or two, and then they’ll go home and party,” Giannacos said.

“But the fact is, there are many good people, and many bad people.

We’ve seen this in the past.”

The Good Feet store’s latest store, in the neighbourhood of Richmond Hill, was built on the premise that good people are the ones who enjoy going out, shopping and socializing, he said.

And as such, the store’s new Richmond Hill location is “the place to go for fun, socializing and dancing.”

It’s the same store in which a former tenant was evicted after a dispute with a landlord.

The landlord had been renovating the space and, while the tenant was busy renovating, the landlord returned with a bulldozer and destroyed the space.

“We were really happy to be able to move on and make the space better, because it was just the wrong size,” Gannakos said, explaining that the company had been trying to move the space since 2012.

The new Richmond-area store, which has been in operation for almost a decade, will include a large outdoor area, and Giannackos hopes that the new space will draw in new customers.

“It’s going to be the perfect place for people to go and celebrate their birthday, to get together for a drink, or just have a good time,” he said, noting that the store will be located in a busy neighbourhood.

Giannakis said the store would be a place for both young people and the elderly, adding that the focus is to cater to the “older, well-heeled people who like to go to parties.”

While Giannas’ comments are good news for Richmond Hill residents, they aren’t as welcome in other parts of the city.

“This is a big loss, but we’re not looking to lose a lot of people,” said City Coun.

Joe Cressy.

“Our goal is to attract new people.

It’s a new market.

We want to get people out of their homes and into the community.” “

If they’re looking for a party, it’s the best place for them to go.

We want to get people out of their homes and into the community.”

Cressys office is currently hosting a community consultation on the store.

For those who want to learn more about the store and its plans, the city’s department of community services is hosting a panel at the Vancouver Community Centre on Thursday afternoon.


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