Indian e-commerce company sells 100,000 e-cigarettes worth Rs.10 crore

Vape shop in Chennai.

(Source:’s e-cigarette market is projected to be worth $10 billion by 2019, and is expected to double over the next three years to $150 billion, according to the country’s commerce ministry.

It also aims to become the fourth largest market in the world by 2020.

In a recent article in The Times of India,, the company that makes e-liquids and vapourisers, claimed to have sold 100,002 units of e-juice in the last 12 months, which means it’s selling about 100, 000 e-liquid products every day.

VapeShop is the only e-cig retailer that has the right to sell to any state in India, and the company claims it has a network of over 100 retail outlets.

Its products are available in over 40 Indian cities.

The company sells a range of e.g. e-cigs, e-toys, eclairs, e cigs, vaporizers and e liquid.

In the article, VapShop also says that its customers are mainly students and those looking for affordable vaping products.

The article further notes that its revenue is about $8.4 million and its net income is about Rs.2 crore. has a retail store in Bengaluru and its product range includes e-waste, e cigarettes, vaping liquids, and e-gum.

Its e-colas are sold in over 35,000 outlets. was founded in 2016 and has been in business for over five years.


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