The ‘biggest story of 2016’ will be about ‘Trump’s war on women’ – The Post

The “biggest stories of 2016” are not about the “big story” of the year but about Trump’s war with women.

And that war is now going to be about his “war on women.”

Here’s the big picture of the Trump administration.

The big story is how Trump is destroying the foundations of American society.

It’s all about the president’s war against women.

There is nothing more important in this nation than the safety and security of women.

And there is nothing less important than the protection of the most vulnerable among us.

I’m here today to talk about the big story of the week.

The Trump administration is destroying every foundation of American life, and it’s happening across the board.

We’ve seen this before.

The “war against women” started with Bill Clinton’s “war” on women.

But it was Donald Trump’s “War on Women” that began under President Obama.

The war on “women” is about more than women.

It’s about the whole nation.

It is about a whole country, and Trump is doing his part to tear down all of our foundations and to weaken our institutions.

The new administration is taking the fight to the states.

And we’ll be reporting on that battle for the next several months.

As we’ve seen in the past, this is a war against the American people.

But this time, the fight is not about women or the environment.

This is about Trump, and the fight will go on to all corners of the country.

I am not talking about the media or Hollywood.

I will be talking about every corner of the land, and I will be taking the war to every corner and the hearts and minds of every American.

The first 100 days of the Donald J. Trump administration are about taking our country back.

The fight against “war, terrorism, and poverty” has been won.

The Trump administration has begun to dismantle the foundations that hold the American Dream back.

And now, we’re in the midst of a new war.

As I’ve said from the beginning of my administration, this war on terror and poverty has been an essential foundation of our nation.

But the Trump White House is not going to let our dreams of a better life go.

And so we are taking a different approach.

We will stop this war.

We have already begun to rebuild our American economy, rebuild our communities, and rebuild our nation on a more level playing field.

We are not only rebuilding our economy.

We are rebuilding our families, rebuilding our communities and rebuilding our nation, and our values.

So I am not just going to stop at the border wall.

We will be rebuilding the inner cities of our country, the inner suburbs of our cities.

We’ll be rebuilding our schools, our prisons, our police departments.

And I will continue to defend the values and the ideals that make this nation great.

The administration is not only going to do all of these things, but we’re going to take them in tandem with the fight against the war on poverty.

So if you are struggling right now and you’re looking for help, I know that if we are in a position to help you, I want to give you the help that we can give you.

I know that you deserve help, because you deserve it.

The time for a “stop and frisk” is over.

The crime wave is over and we are moving on to a new era of law and order.

America has been rebuilt from the ground up, and we’re proud of that.

And the president and his administration are not just doing that.

They’re also working on an agenda that has become a template for a more perfect America.

Now, there will be a lot of talk about “winning” this war against “women,” but I want everyone to know that this war is a new one, and this time it’s not just about women.

This time, this fight is about the nation.

And this war will be waged not only on women, but on the entire American people, and on every American family.

It will be the fight for a better future for our children and the future of our family, for our country and for our God.

The people will fight this war, the families will fight it, and America will win this war for the greater good of all Americans.

And with that, I ask the American men and women in uniform to stand with us, and to join us in our fight against war, terrorism and poverty.

And thank you, God bless you, and God bless America.


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