The Times says it will be offering more Indian app stores in 2017

The Times will be launching more Indian apps in the 2017 calendar year.

The Times said on Wednesday it will launch a range of Indian apps for both iOS and Android platforms in the coming months.

The Times said the app store would be available from November 15 in India, and it will offer the latest apps for mobile devices.

The apps will also include the best of Indian travel and lifestyle, and entertainment, travel and travel guides, local news, news and sports, fashion, lifestyle and food, as well as a range.

The paper said the Times app store will also offer an Indian version of its app store.

“India is the fastest growing digital market and we expect to be the largest app store in the world in the near future,” Times CEO Andrew Adelson said.

“It is our ambition to offer an experience for our readers that is as authentic and engaging as any Indian app.”

Adelson added that the Times is a pioneer in digital content.

“We have always wanted to be a digital publication and our vision is to be as global as we can be,” he said.

“That means expanding our presence in China, the United States, the UK, the Republic of Ireland and others.”

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The news portal is one of India’s largest news and information platforms. 

The company also said it will open a regional office in India in the next two months.


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