What’s the weirdest store you’ve ever been in?

You’ve probably been in a store or a grocery store, or a movie theater.

There’s probably been a vending machine that you’ve sat on that has a weird contraption that looks like a giant heart on it.

But the weird thing about stores is that, no matter how big they get, the weird stuff stays.

It’s like the weird part of the job is finding stuff that has no place in a mall, and it’s hard.

Like I said, I went into a store to buy a new laptop.

It was a bit of a hassle, and then I got to the point where I thought, I don’t need this, but I want to try it out.

I had to figure out how to do it.

That’s when I realized the weirdness was the store.

I was just trying to find the weird things, and I just found myself in that weird place.

I went in to a store and they told me that, you know, I can’t do this.

And I was like, well, I’m not even going to go in there because that’s not the weird place, and that was a very strange experience for me.

When you’re in a retail space, it’s a lot like, “I want to be in a room where I feel like I’m being a part of something, and if I don, it makes me feel like a failure.”

You get to see the weird.

You see the strange.

You get the weird and the bizarre.

And the weird is that it’s often a place where you’re going to be alone.

In a mall you have your friend, but there are people you’re gonna have to talk to, too.

The weird part is when you’re there, you don’t know what’s going on around you.

There are people, and you’re kind of just waiting for them to say something and you don,t know what to say, so it’s kind of a weird place to be.

I think the weird aspect of stores is you’re never in the same place at the same time, and at the end of the day, that’s where the weird happens.

So if I go into a Walmart, I probably go in because I’m looking for a new pair of shoes.

Thats the weird store.

And if I’m in a grocery, I’ll go in to buy the cereal I’m going to get for lunch.

I’ll walk into the supermarket and I think, well this cereal is really good, but this cereal isn’t that good, so I need to go back and try something else.

The store has to be weird in order for it to work.

If it’s not, it just doesn’t work.

And that’s the problem with malls.

The mall is like a playground for weirdness.

They have the weird, and they have the strange and they go into the weird because that is what the mall is.

That is what they are.

And you don.t want to go there.

You don’t want to get lost.

You just want to wander around and enjoy the weird of a mall.


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