When the weather was warmer, we could stock up on new clothes, new shoes and new socks – even though it was just a year later that we were forced to take them out of our closets.

From the beginning, the idea of being able to stock up for the winter season was considered a luxury item.

Even though there were lots of places to do it, it would be hard to find the space to do so when it was so easy to find a place to stock.

“It was quite a challenge to figure out how to store all these things that were available and still make money,” says Matt, who worked at one of the largest stores, a clothing shop in London’s East End.

“I worked at the store for eight years, and for eight of those years, we did about 60,000 clothes a week, which was a lot more than we can normally do.”

Matt worked at a clothing store in London in 2008, when he says he was asked to help with the winter stock.

“I said ‘well, I don’t know how we are going to make money selling clothing for people to wear in winter’,” he recalls.

“So I went to the store manager and said ‘what do you think about having our staff stock up in our stores?'”

“He said ‘I think it’s great for our stock’, and he asked me if I’d come over and work there.

I had never worked in a clothing and had never been to a clothing department before, so I went over there and worked for four weeks.”

The manager asked Matt to help work the shelves, and when Matt got there, he found he was able to do things that he had never seen before.

“They had shelves full of old clothes and shoes, and they had a huge inventory of everything, from clothes to footwear to socks,” Matt recalls.

“It was pretty incredible.

They were selling everything, and I’d never seen that before.”

“I got to work in the clothes department, and it was great, because I was in the shop selling things, and then when I got home I could go back to the office and work on other things.”

Despite the difficulty, Matt says the idea to stock things up and make money didn’t seem impossible at the time.

“At the time, it wasn’t really the most lucrative thing, and if we were going to be successful, we needed to sell a lot of clothes.”

And if we sold too many clothes, we wouldn’t be able to survive.

So I thought that would be a very profitable idea.

“He explains that he realised that while he was being paid, it was not the most profitable part of the job, but rather the part that paid him.”

We weren’t getting paid very much, but we were making a lot.

So it was pretty good money,” he says.

He also realised that if he was doing well at the clothes shop, there would be more places to work, and more opportunities to earn money.”

So we thought about going to work at the Royal Mail in the same way, but instead of working in a clothes department and making a profit, we were working in an office.

It was a better opportunity to make a lot,” he recalls, adding that it was “very exciting to be working there”.

He started working in the office when he was 19 years old, and after three years, he got promoted to full-time staff.

The Royal Mail was one of many retail chains to start stocking up on goods in the early 2000s.

You can see how the clothes are made, and how the fabric is laid out,” he adds. “

You have a store that has a whole range of different kinds of clothes, and that was exciting, because you could see the differences between different brands and different styles.”

You can see how the clothes are made, and how the fabric is laid out,” he adds.

But it was when he started working at a different store, that he was told he was “not going to survive”.

His boss, who had worked at an office store for four years before becoming a manager at a clothes store, told him that he would not be able a “normal” retail job, because of the size of the company.

When he told his bosses he wanted to go back into the retail business, they said they would take the same advice.”

But I was really confused, because it was like, ‘well if you’re a young guy with a lot to lose, you don’t need to worry about the stores’,” he says, “you need to be in the retail sector, you need to make it as big as possible, and you need a job like a manager or something.

“Matt worked in the Royal mail in London from 2003 until 2008.

During this time, he also started to think about his options.

A few months before Christmas, he was offered a job at the department store where he had worked before. In the


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