How a beer store will change the way you shop for beer, cider and spirits

When you go to a beer or cider store, it can seem like everything is geared towards people of color.

A white-knuckle, rowdy-style bar with a wide selection of bottled beers and wine is the norm.

And while the staff might be white, there’s an abundance of ethnic minorities.

When you ask someone who’s from the East Coast, you can tell they’re not just a white guy.

“The diversity in our staff is so impressive,” says Adam, a 23-year-old black man who works as a server at the Brooklyn store.

“We have a full-time Asian and Latino chef, a chef from Africa, a Brazilian bartender, and a Brazilian mom.”

This diversity has made the store one of the most diverse beer and cider stores in New York City, according to the Brewers Association.

But, even though they’re proud of their diversity, the owners are working to change this image by opening a second Brooklyn location.

They’re looking to open a new store called The Homebrew Club and have set up a Kickstarter campaign to raise $1.5 million to make the project a reality.

A beer shop, or “brewery” is a place where customers can buy a variety of beers from across the country.

They typically come to the store to get a taste of the brewery they love, which might be a brew from New York or California, or a beer brewed by a company from Germany.

But The Home Brew Club isn’t the first place to open up a beer and wine shop in New Jersey.

In 2014, The HomeBrew Club opened in Westchester County.

That store was a collaboration between a local brewery and a brewpub.

“Our idea was to create a shop that had a sense of community, that had the community feel, that would connect people with each other,” says Mike, a 32-year old black man.

He was working at a local pub and saw The Home Brewing Club, which he described as “a great way to get in touch with the community.”

The first HomeBrew Shop in West Greenwich, New Jersey, opened in 2017.

(Photo by Andrew Cunningham/Getty Images) The Home Brewer’s Club has already become a staple at The Home Brewery in New Brunswick, New Brunswick.

“It’s really a great way for us to connect with people who are looking for something different,” says co-owner, Andrew Cunningham, a 25-year veteran of the business.

“When we first opened in January of 2017, there were just a couple people at The Brew Shop.

Theres now 10 people there and we’ve expanded to 10 different stores across the United States.”

The Home Brewers Club opened the first store in West Chester, New Hampshire, in October 2017.

It was a partnership between a craft beer and a local restaurant and soon expanded to New Jersey and New York.

“I think it’s important for us and for the community that people know that the HomeBrew club is there, that there are people from the community who are here,” says Cunningham.

The Home Craftsman’s Club opened its first location in New Orleans in August 2018.

It is a cooperative brewpub that has partnered with a local grocery store and grocery chain to provide a variety products, including food, groceries and craft beer.

“In New Orleans, we really focused on the craft side of things,” says owner, Scott.

“There are some great local restaurants that we wouldnt be able to be open in a smaller space, but we have great relationships with the people that live there.”

Craft beer is not the only category of beer available at TheHomeBrewClub.

The owner says that the store also offers an extensive beer selection that includes more than 100 varieties of craft beers.

“At TheHomebrew Club, we are proud to be a part of the craft beer community,” says Scott.

The owners hope that with the support of Kickstarter and the support from the local community, they can open more stores in the future.

“This is something that we really love, and I’m excited to be able take it on,” says Andrew.

“You never know what could come up and be a huge boon to the community, or maybe it will just be a way to connect people who may not normally meet.”


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