How to avoid the fake sale and buy more with the help of a friend

The best thing to do when you want to get a sale is to do your research and find out the person selling.

It can be difficult to distinguish a genuine item from a fake.

Here are a few tips to help you spot the difference between a genuine sale and a fake sale: 1.

The salesperson says the item is $50-$100.

You can tell the difference if they say it is $150.


They offer a free item.


The item has a tag.


The sale is for $30-$50.


The seller asks for an email address and the seller must be verified.

The fake sale should be for $60-$100 and will include a discount code for $50 off the item.


The product comes in a plastic bag, so the buyer can put the item in a container, place the item on the shelf, and close the lid.


The buyer is told the item has been sold.


The deal has been completed and the buyer gets the item for free.


The person selling has a signature on the package.

The signature says: “We have an outstanding sale.”


The company has a “Buyer Alert” on the site saying the item might be sold.


The vendor is selling an item on behalf of a “supplier.”


The website or mobile app says “sell for $100.”

This may be a fake offer, or a genuine offer.

The difference between fake and real salespeople can be hard to see, so make sure you do your homework before buying.


The items look like a genuine product, but the price tag is different.


The store’s name has been changed.

The real seller is not the same person.


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