The first major new feature of Android’s new Play Store will be the ability to “save your favorite apps to your personal cloud.”

Posted May 09, 2018 05:40:48The new Play store, which Google is expected to unveil in a keynote at Google I/O next week, is set to add a slew of new features, including the ability for users to “store and share your favorite applications to your cloud.”

As part of the new feature, users will be able to choose to “savor” a specific app from their personal cloud, rather than having it “saved” to their Google Play Store.

Users will be prompted to choose their preferred app, and they can select it from a list of recommended apps from the Google Play store.

When an app is downloaded, it will be “sought out” from Google Play for download, which will then be “installed” into a user’s personal cloud.

The new feature is also expected to offer more “advanced features” than the first iteration of the Play Store, including more customization options for apps, and a more curated interface.

Google is also likely to expand on its existing paid subscription service, called Google Play Services, in the future.

Google is expected use the new Play stores to bring its own apps to the service, and is expected for the new version of the Google app to have access to apps that Google doesn’t offer directly through its Play store or through third-party providers.

It is expected that Google will also integrate third-parties like Spotify and YouTube to provide a more robust music experience.

While Google is planning to launch a new version for the Play store in the coming weeks, there are a few other major features expected to be added in the upcoming weeks.

One of these is a feature called “auto-download,” which will allow users to choose which apps they want to automatically download from Google’s Play Store whenever they install an app on their phone.

If the app isn’t available in the Google Store, users can use the “download from” option in the new Settings app to automatically install it.

The new feature also adds the ability in Android Nougat to enable automatic download of the same apps from other Android manufacturers.

Android Nougatt, which is expected on the way in a couple of weeks, also features new features like “search” and “quick searches” for searching on Google.

These search options allow users “to search on Google or search the Web using the same word or phrase” to find information or articles they may not have been searching for.

Google also plans to make it easier for developers to build apps for the Google store.

Google will be allowing developers to include a “developer preview” button in the Android N beta, where they can make the app available for public download without having to go through the Google Developer Program.


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