What you need to know about tile stores

News..com of Australia has launched a new website, the Australian Tile Store, to help consumers get the best out of their tiles.

The site aims to provide the information they need to shop online for tile stores and other online-based tile sellers.

“Tile stores are an important part of the Australian economy, with over 50 per cent of all tile purchases being made by tile sellers,” it says.

“Many Australians have already started using the website to make their own tile selections and are discovering a wide range of tile options.”

Australian Tile Stores offer tile selections for sale from local stores and online retailers.

Customers can shop for tiles online and at local stores, or from a range of other retailers.

Tile stores offer an array of products, from tile blocks to wall decor.

The Australian TileStore features tile store locations in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and the Northern Territory.

Tile shops in Melbourne and Brisbane are the first to be added to the site, alongside brick and mortar retailers.

“We’re proud to launch the Australian tile store to help people get the most out of online shopping,” Australian Tile Company CEO Simon Leckie said.

“Auckland’s tile stores are the best and most well-known in the country, but there are thousands of online retailers selling the same products and the Australian consumer has a wide variety of choices.”

The tile store offers tile selections from local shops, online retailers and brick and mortars.

Customers will be able to search for tile blocks and wall decor on the AustralianTileStore.com website, or on the tile store’s website.

It also offers advice on how to best choose the right tiles for your home.

“The Australian Tile store is the best online tile shop in Australia,” Mr Lecky said.


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