Which store has the best freebies?

I’m going to take a stab at answering this question for myself. 

The answer is: the grocery store. 

I was going to make this as a simple survey, but after thinking about it for a while, I came up with a more detailed one. 

Here’s the problem: if I’m shopping at a grocery store, I’m likely to spend an awful lot of money on a few items. 

If I’m on a budget, I’ll spend a lot less money on these items.

This is because grocery stores have lots of things that are cheap and easy to get, such as items like the popular salad dresser and salad bar, and they don’t have the variety of items that you might find at a high-end store like TJ Maxx. 

For example, if I walk into a Target or Sam’s Club and pick up a salad dressers for $12.99 (which costs $7.49 at Target and $8.99 at Sam’s), I can buy one for $1.99 and have it in my cart for less than a week. 

(A quick Google search for the word “dressing” should provide you with a lot of helpful results.) 

So, if you’re looking for cheap items that can be easily picked up and packed up for a long-term shopping trip, then you’ll want to shop at a store that’s cheap and easily available. 

But if you live in an area where there are more than a handful of stores, and where there aren’t many of them, then it’s easier to just stick with a few that have a few great bargains, rather than a big selection of expensive items that could be a little hard to find. 

So I took a stab to find the best grocery stores in the country, and I’m not going to pretend that these are all of the top five or six stores in each state. 

In fact, there are a lot more of them. 

Instead, I’ve selected the 10 places that I believe are the best in each of the 50 states and Washington, D.C. There are lots of different types of grocery stores, of course. 

Some are super-sophisticated and specialized, while others are fairly basic and open to anyone who has a grocery card. 

As for the quality of the products, I tried to use what I think are the highest quality products available.

So, for example, a store like Wal-Mart that has everything from bulk bags to full-sized boxes of cereal, for $3.49, will probably get a high mark for quality. 

Similarly, a Whole Foods that has some really cheap produce will likely get a low mark for quantity and price. 

Finally, the location of each store was also a factor in how I ranked the stores. 

My reasoning for this is that, while some stores may be a few blocks away from a major intersection, others may be within walking distance of a neighborhood. 

This is especially true of smaller stores that are located in smaller areas, which can be harder to find, especially if you can’t get into a larger grocery store for that reason. 

To make my rankings, I looked at the average price per package at each of my 10 stores. 

 Each category is a little bit different, but basically the goal is to compare the prices of a lot cheaper items, and then compare the price of the same items for more expensive items. 

 For example: If you can find a $6.99 bag of cereal for $4.99, and it’s in the top 5 percent of most grocery stores around the country (like the grocery stores listed above), then you’re likely to find a lot better prices for it than if it’s just in the middle of the pack. 

A lot of the big-box grocery stores will sell a lot lower priced items for much more money. 

And while some big-name retailers like Target or Kroger sell some really expensive items, many of the smaller grocery stores are also selling lower priced products that are cheaper to find and can be more easily found for more money at smaller, less popular grocery stores.

The Bottom Line: A well-liked and reasonably priced store like Kroger may be worth your time and money if you like the quality and variety of its products, but a lot is also dependent on the availability of certain items, especially on the price.

So make sure you check the store regularly to make sure that you can pick up the right items for the right price.


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