eBay is testing a $50 bitcoin ATM

The online auction site is testing an automated payment system that would allow users to buy and sell bitcoins with their phones, and is working on another service that would make it easier for customers to buy, sell and buy bitcoins with cash.

The site is also working on a new service that will let customers sell bitcoin for cash, said Ben White, the company’s vice president of business development.

The new payment service would allow customers to sell bitcoin, as well as other cryptocurrencies, in exchange for goods and services, such as coffee or candy.

White said the company was still figuring out the details of the new service.

It will be in the next few months before the company can begin selling bitcoins for cash.

However, the first customer to buy a bitcoin in the new system will be able to pay for their purchases with cash in two weeks.

Users can choose to pay in bitcoin by sending an email address and password to the website, and to use a debit card to pay with, according to the company.

To buy bitcoins, customers will need to visit the site to register, enter their details, and create an account.

After the account is established, the user can set up an online bitcoin wallet to store their bitcoins.

A bitcoin wallet is an online service that stores digital money.

Users send bitcoins to the site, then spend them in digital currency.

The new service is part of a broader expansion of PayPal, the online payment giant that is also testing a payment system similar to the PayPal for Cash option.

PayPal announced a similar program in June, but it’s only now being tested.

Bitcoin has risen in value amid the global financial crisis, and its price has surged to over $4,000 in the past week.

On Wednesday, PayPal announced that it has begun testing a new payment system called PayPal for cash that will allow people to send cash and bitcoins to one another.

With PayPal for Bitcoin, users can transfer bitcoin directly from their bank account to a merchant’s website, bypassing banks and financial institutions.

By the end of the first week of July, PayPal for bitcoin users will be paying $3.6 billion to merchants for the service, according a PayPal spokesperson.

For more, read this blog post: The world’s most popular bitcoin exchange may shut its doors.


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