How does Kohl’s department-store brand stack up against Macy’s?

New Jersey Gov.

Chris Christie is pushing for a new, statewide, statewide sales tax to fund his administration’s $2 billion transportation plan, and the first step in the effort is a tax on stores.

Christie is also targeting Kohl-Heins department store brand, which has struggled to maintain a foothold in the industry amid the rise of the Internet and other consumer trends.

Christie has proposed a $1-per-unit tax on the brand and a $3-per-$3-unit sales tax on every store.

The plan also calls for an online-only sales tax.

On Monday, Christie also unveiled a $50 million plan to help small businesses in his state, but it hasn’t been released.

The governor has made an aggressive push to attract new businesses, saying he hopes to see an uptick in business from the state’s burgeoning tourism industry.