‘India’s first cricket stadium’ is ready to be built

The Indian Cricket Association (ICA) has decided to build a new cricket stadium, and said that the stadium will be ready to serve the Indian domestic and international cricket teams within three months.

The Indian cricket board (ICB) has approved the Rs. 7,500 crore ($8.2 billion) project that is being built on land owned by the state of Tamil Nadu.

The stadium will house the country’s two domestic cricket teams, the Chennai Super Kings and the Mumbai Indians.

The new stadium will have a capacity of 30,000 seats, and will be built on an area of about 4,200 hectares.

The project is expected to be completed by 2022, and the stadium is expected be operational by 2020.

The site has been approved for construction on a land trust, and is expected for use in 2019-20.

The stadium will also have a cricket pitch, a stadium hall, and a training centre for the Indian National Team.

The Indian team will be using the stadium in 2019.

The government has also granted permission to the Tamil Nadu government to build and renovate the existing stadium.

The construction of the stadium has been delayed by the recent earthquakes in Nepal, and this is the first time that the Indian government has decided a construction project on land that belongs to the state.

It is not yet clear if the stadium, or any other sports facility, will be able to accommodate the Indian team.

The ground is about two and a half times bigger than a cricket field.


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