Liquor store in Perth’s CBD will be a beer pub and a beer bar

Perth, WA (AP) Liquor retailer LiquorLand is planning to open a beer-focused store in the heart of Perth’s financial district in the new year, opening in the historic city centre.

The store will be the second such location in the area, following a wine shop on Perth Street, which is now closed.

The Liquor Land store is expected to be up and running by late January.

It will be owned by the company’s parent company, the family-run Perth Wine Merchants, which also owns the popular Bar Agricole on Perth’s West End.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to be launching this new store in one of Perth City Centre’s premier tourist destinations, with such a vibrant wine culture,” Liquorland managing director David Crouch said.

The shop is being built on the site of a former car dealership, which was redeveloped into a hotel, a restaurant and retail.

The first store opened in the former car park in 2007.

The Beer Store, located in the old West End Hotel on West End Street, will be one of four locations for the Perth Wine Merchant.

The Perth Wine Commerce said it would be open from 2am until 8pm on Thursday and Friday.

The beer bar is likely to be the first of its kind in the city, which has seen an influx of beer pubs and other retail shops since the opening of the world’s first beer-centric bar, the Southbank Tavern in March 2017.

The opening of LiquorCraft’s first store is a significant step for the area.

Its owner, Tony Taggart, said it was the first time the area had seen a brewery-owned bar open.

“It’s been quite a while since we’ve had one,” he said.

“That was at the South Bank Tavern, which had a big beer scene, and it was a bit of a struggle to get the space for it, so we thought, why not take the next step and build it ourselves?”

So we did, it was fantastic.

We’ve now got our own bar, and we’re also looking at the space next door, which we hope will open by the end of January.