Microsoft is rolling out a new store in the United States, Microsoft Store, which aims to bring together the best of both worlds: the Xbox and the Office suite.

Microsoft has announced plans to launch a new retail store in a number of US cities this year, the first of which is expected to be in Los Angeles.

The store will focus on the Xbox One, which has been a critical part of the company’s business since the launch of the original Xbox 360.

Microsoft has said it wants to make sure customers who have bought the Xbox Live subscription get the best out of the system.

“Today, with the launch, we’re rolling out our first store in North America, bringing together the top-performing products, services, and experiences from both Microsoft and our partners across our Microsoft Store platform,” Microsoft Store co-founder and CEO Mike Caufield said in a blog post.

Microsoft Stores will have “a breadth of services” from Windows, Office, Xbox, Xbox Music, Xbox Sports, Xbox Movies and more, Microsoft said.

In the US, the new store will have the same layout as the current Microsoft Store and will be accessible via the Xbox app, though it will have a few changes to make.

Microsoft will begin selling Surface devices in stores Microsoft will also be offering a limited number of Surface Pro 3s for purchase in Microsoft Stores this holiday season, with sales starting November 1.

These are devices that run Windows 8 and Windows 10, and they come with a large number of new accessories.

Microsoft previously announced it was offering a $199 Surface Pro 4, but the device has not been available yet.

In other news, the Xbox Music store will be removed from the Xbox Store after the holiday season.

Microsoft said it would be reopening the store to “help connect gamers to music” as part of its plan to build out the store’s catalog.

Microsoft’s store will also offer “exclusive deals on a range of Xbox accessories,” including Xbox accessories, Xbox One controllers, Xbox accessories and more.

The Xbox app will continue to support the Xbox store, though Microsoft said this would not be a feature that is available in every store.

The app will remain available to download and use for “longer-term Xbox Live membership and purchases.”

The Xbox Store will be a free service in all US markets, and Microsoft has not said how much it will cost for people to use the service.

Microsoft also announced plans for an online version of its Xbox app in the coming months.

Microsoft hopes to eventually allow users to use Xbox Live to sign up for Xbox Live Gold and get access to exclusive discounts on games, Xbox live subscriptions, and more from

Microsoft Store: the future of online retail In a post on Twitter, Caufields said the new Xbox store will allow people to shop online for the Xbox brand.

“We have launched the new Microsoft Store in North American with a wide variety of exclusive products and experiences and an easy way to add Xbox to your shopping cart,” he said.

“It will be powered by Microsoft’s exclusive Xbox apps and will bring together top-rated, exclusive content from Microsoft and partners across its Microsoft Store network, as well as curated and curated content from other Microsoft Stores.”

Microsoft also said it will launch an Xbox app to connect people to games and other services from the company.

The new store also includes an Xbox Music app, Xbox Fitness, Xbox Live Movies, Xbox Play Anywhere, and Xbox Play Music.

Microsoft is also introducing a new Microsoft Rewards loyalty program.

The program, which is open only to customers with an Xbox Live account, will allow users who sign up at a Microsoft Store to redeem points for free Xbox games and entertainment.

Microsoft Rewards points will be redeemed at Microsoft stores across the US.

“The Microsoft Rewards program will be available for both retail and online customers and will reward loyalty and loyalty rewards across Xbox Store and Microsoft Store apps,” Caufeld said.

The company also said that it will offer a new Xbox Music account for Xbox users.

Microsoft says it will be open for business this year The company said it is working on a number plans to open up its online retail platform, including a new app that will allow customers to buy things from Microsoft.

“There are a number planned to roll out in the future,” Causfield said.

Microsoft isn’t giving a time frame for when the new app will launch, but he said it should be available by the end of the year.

Microsoft, which says it has over 100 million subscribers to its Xbox Store app, will also roll out the Xbox Rewards app to a wider audience.

“As we look to the future, we will be announcing new plans for the Microsoft Rewards app in coming months,” Cauerfield said, adding that the company is currently in discussions with some developers.


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