‘Not for me’: Australia’s gun retailers are selling weapons to criminals

A gun store is offering a $20 discount to buyers of AR-15 assault rifles and high-capacity magazines.

Key points:Auckland gun retailer, Ace Hardware, is offering customers a 20 per cent discount on AR-16 rifles and magazines”A lot of these items that we’re talking about are weapons that are illegal to purchase, and a lot of the ones that we sell are illegal,” the company’s president, Matt Sweeny, said.

Mr Sweenie said the discount offered to buyers was meant to give gun owners a chance to try out new weapons before committing to purchase.

“We’re giving you a chance, not just a chance but an opportunity to see if you’re up for the challenge of buying something that you don’t know you can use in a criminal situation.”

“We have guns that are in the country illegally and that are going to be used in criminal situations.”

The discount was part of an ongoing initiative by Ace Hardware to offer an early-bird discount to new customers.

“The people who are buying AR-style assault rifles are going straight to a criminal,” Mr Sweenys told Radio New Zealand.

“I know this is a controversial topic, but there are a lot more gun owners in this country than there are people who want to use them in criminal circumstances.”

They are going for something that is a little bit more expensive, they’re not going for the stuff that you see in a gun store.

“So, I would say, for people that are thinking about buying an AR-type assault rifle, this is the right place to go.”‘

If you’re looking to get in on this market and buy a gun for yourself, you better have a plan’For Mr Sumbery, the discount was aimed at people looking to purchase a weapon in the first few months of the year.

“You better have some plans in place,” he said.

“If you’ve got some money, and you’re interested in buying a weapon for yourself then I would recommend you do that.”

Mr Sumberys said he did not want the discount to be seen as a negative.

“It’s a great opportunity for people to buy their first AR-like firearm,” he told Radio NZ.

“People are going, ‘well, I’m going to look around for something cheap and easy to buy a weapon from’.”

So if you don


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