You can now buy camper vans in Calgary’s Camping Store

Camping van owner Steve Smith says the new retail space is an easy way to help keep camper prices down and make sure people can afford to come.

“Camping van is an opportunity to put people out of business.

You can’t sell cars,” said Smith, who owns

“If you’re going to sell cars, why not put people in vans?

It’s a better use of resources.”

Smith is one of several Calgary residents who have bought camper trucks since the last winter.

He said he wants to be the first to say he was excited when he saw the new camper store.

“It was like Christmas morning.

You don’t think you’re doing anything until you see it and it’s really good,” he said.”

You’re going, ‘Wow, this is great.'”

The company plans to build two new retail spaces in the near future, along with a second in Edmonton.

The company is also considering a move to Edmonton.

Smith said the camper market is a very different market than the one he operates in.

“I think the last two years in Alberta, the campots have been out of style, and I think we’re in a good position to start the campers going back to the garage,” he added.

CampingVan is in the process of looking at new locations, with the goal of expanding its reach to the Calgary and Edmonton areas.


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