Why I think you’ll love Amazon’s new grocery store

The grocery store at the heart of Amazon’s plan to sell more food online has been getting more attention than ever.

Amazon recently announced that it would be opening a new grocery business in California called AmazonFresh, and a company spokesperson said that it was one of the “most significant and exciting opportunities in Amazon’s history.”

It’s unclear if AmazonFresh will be a grocery store, but it’s one of many “new” grocery stores in the works that are expected to open by the end of the year.

The first of these new grocery stores will be in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In January, Amazon announced plans to build a 1 million-square-foot space in San Jose, California.

The company has since said it would build another 1 million square feet of space in the Bay Area in 2019, with the new space expected to be open by early 2020.

While the San Jose location will be relatively close to the Amazon campus, the company said that the Bay location will have a much closer connection to its customers.

It will be located about a half-mile away from the company’s existing warehouse at the site of the former Amazon fulfillment center at 801 E. First St.

The company is planning to open a second warehouse in California sometime later this year.

While the company has not confirmed when that warehouse will open, it has said that its plans for a new warehouse have changed several times in the past few years.

The new San Jose warehouse is expected to have a retail space with seating for 2,000 people.

It’s expected to include a grocery section with a grocery and specialty department, a delivery truck section, and an office space for Amazon employees.


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