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Adobe Creative Suite 5 Web Premium for Mac

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Product Description

Adobe Creative Suite 5 Web Premium for MAC

Adobe Creative Suite 5 Web Premium software makes it easier to create standards-based websites and immersive digital experiences. Use Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 to develop with content management systems, including WordPress, Joomla!, and Drupal, and powerful CSS tools. With the complete Adobe Flash family of tools, including Flash Catalyst CS5, Flash Professional CS5, and Flash Builder 4 Standard, you can design and develop content for delivery virtually anywhere.

Adobe Creative Suite 5 Web Premium combines:

  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS5
  • Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5
  • Adobe Flash Professional CS5
  • Adobe Flash Builder 4
  • Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended
  • Adobe Illustrator CS5
  • Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro
  • Adobe Fireworks CS5
  • Adobe Contribute CS5

With Adobe Creative Suite 5 Web Premium, you can:

Deliver with the reach and consistency of the Flash Platform. Use a comprehensive toolkit that includes Flash Catalyst CS5 to design interactive content without writing code, Flash Professional CS5 to create rich free-form expressive content, and Flash Builder 4 Standard to develop rich Internet applications. Implement Omniture SiteCatalyst and Test&Target directly within your workflows to easily target, optimize, and track your online content. Distribute content across personal computers and mobile devices - to the browser with Adobe Flash Player, to the desktop with Adobe AIR, or for a range of mobile phones and consumer devices, including the iPhone.

Keep up with evolving web trends. Build standards-based websites with Dreamweaver CS5, the industry-leading web authoring tool, and develop with PHP-based CMS frameworks and applications like WordPress, Joomla!, or Drupal. Design more productively with more powerful CSS inspection tools and with the Live View navigation and Dynamically Related Files features. Also use Dreamweaver to integrate with Adobe Business Catalyst to build highly functional dynamic websites without back-end programming or complicated configuration.

Streamline critical processes through integration with online services. Get fast and accurate browser compatibility testing, and accelerate tasks such as collaborative content creation, reviews of presentations, and project pitches, through integration with new CS Live online services. Save time and money by using Adobe BrowserLab, a CS Live online service, on its own or together with Dreamweaver CS5 to preview accurate screenshots of your web pages as they would appear across popular browsers and operating systems with multiple view options, and use diagnostics tools to easily identify differences and potential problems.

Top new features in Creative Suite 5 Web Premium:

Comprehensive toolkit for the Flash Platform

Creative Suite 5 Web Premium offers a complete set of Flash authoring tools that includes Flash Professional CS5 to create rich free-form expressive content, Flash Builder 4 Standard to develop rich Internet applications, and Flash Catalyst CS5 to transform static artwork into fully interactive content without writing code. CS5 Web Premium also includes Adobe Media Encoder for converting video to FLV or F4V, as well as other utilities like Adobe Device Central and the Packager for iPhone preview for publishing to a range a mobile phones and consumer devices.

Design and distribution of content for delivery virtually anywhere

Deliver consistently across screens of virtually any size. The Distribution service available separately through Adobe Flash Platform Services offers free and paid methods for distributing applications to social networks, mobile devices, and desktops. It also enables developers and businesses to track the distribution of and user engagement with their applications, and enables monetization of applications through ad hosting.

  • Deliver to mobile and consumer devices. Deliver content that plays back on millions of devices worldwide. The Packager for iPhone preview tool, included with Flash Professional CS5, compiles ActionScript bytecode into a native iPhone application. iPhone applications are then distributed as iPhone application installer (IPA) files via the iTunes store.
  • Deliver to desktop computers. Take advantage of the ubiquity of Flash Player for web-based experiences, and Adobe AIR for immersive desktop application experiences. Content displays with a consistent look and feel across operating systems and browsers.

New text-engine support in Flash Professional

Designers have come to expect rich typographic control in applications such as Adobe InDesign and Illustrator. However, its been extremely difficult or even impossible to set professional-level typography on the web - until now.

Flash Professional CS5 adds support for the new Text Layout Framework, enabling you to use print-quality typographic functionality including kerning, ligatures, tracking, leading, threaded text blocks, and multiple columns. The new text engine in Flash Professional CS5 maintains layout and text formatting with greater fidelity when importing content from Adobe InDesign software and other Adobe products.

The Text Layout Framework also brings advanced multilingual typographic and layout features to Flash Professional CS5. This support includes the ability to display and edit not only right-to-left scripts, but also top-to-bottom scripts, and those that often use a mixture of left-to-right and right-to-left scripts, such as Arabic and Hebrew. Additional features for East Asian typography, including an East Asian justifier, vertical text support, and Tate-Chu-Yoko, or blocks of horizontal text embedded into vertical runs of text, are also supported.

Code Snippets panel in Flash Professional

Flash Professional CS5 provides a new way to quickly include code for things like timeline navigation, actions, animation, audio and video, and event handlers with the Code Snippets panel. By injecting prebuilt code into projects, you can work faster, freeing up more time for creativity.

For example, sample code snippets allow you to create interactive buttons without extensive code experience. Code snippets also contain helpful comments and clear instructions and can greatly reduce the ActionScript 3.0 learning curve by helping new users learn how ActionScript works. In addition, because the panel is extensible, you can create and share snippets with others, helping to reduce overall development time.

XML-based FLA source files in Flash Professional

Flash Professional CS5 uses an XML-based implementation of the FLA file format called XFL, offering improved cross-product integration and workflow productivity. This compact and efficient file format both accurately maintains data in a Flash document and makes the individual elements easier to manage and use.

For example, an image that is currently used in a Flash project could be checked out of a source control system, updated, and checked back in. The next time you open the FLA project file, you would instantly see the updated image without having to manually import it into the project.

With better support for multiuser environments and cross-product compatibility, the XML-based format in Flash Professional offers the following benefits:

  • The uncompressed format allows several users on a team to work on the same project simultaneously - no more having to split the project into multiple FLA files.
  • Integration with source control systems is now possible because each team member can work on separate assets in the XFL package, eliminating the need to resolve differences.
  • Mobile developers can work on the same files as other developers. (In the past, mobile content could not load other SWF files.)

Using XML-based FLA source files, Flash Professional CS5 provides a richer environment in which to exchange data with other Web Premium components including Illustrator and Flash Catalyst, as well as other Creative Suite software such as Adobe InDesign, After Effects, and Encore.

Enhanced ActionScript editor in Flash Professional

Develop code faster with an improved ActionScript editor, including custom class code hinting and code completion. If youre a novice developer, you can start projects and let code hinting assist you as you learn the fundamentals of the ActionScript language. Flash Professional CS5 can also automatically write import statements, so if youre a more experienced or advanced developer, youll appreciate being able to quickly reference your own code or external code libraries.

Integration with Adobe Omniture solutions

For web professionals and marketers who need to implement web analytics, Adobe Creative Suite 5 features extensions that integrate with the robust optimization and analytics capabilities of Omniture SiteCatalyst and Test&Target (available separately).

Omniture SiteCatalyst provides marketers with actionable, real-time intelligence about online strategies and marketing initiatives. Omniture Test&Target gives marketers the necessary capabilities to continually make their online content and offers more relevant to their customers - yielding greater conversion. Both SiteCatalyst and Test&Target are part of the Omniture Online Marketing Suite of applications for online business optimizations.

The SiteCatalyst extension, available for Flash Professional CS5 and Flash Builder 4, enables you to create, import, or export services, and to apply and edit trackers without code.

The Test&Target extension, available for Flash Professional CS5 and Dreamweaver CS5, enables you to perform a variety of tasks including creating and importing campaigns, managing experiences and offers, and tracking success metrics.

Industry-leading web authoring

Creative Suite 5 Web Premium helps you build standards-based websites with Dreamweaver CS5, the industry-leading web authoring tool. Get fast and accurate browser compatibility testing with BrowserLab, part of the new CS Live online services, and use Dreamweaver to integrate with Business Catalyst to build highly functional dynamic websites without back-end programming or complicated configuration.

Support for PHP-based content management systems in Dreamweaver

With authoring and testing support for third-party PHP-based content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla!, and Drupal, Dreamweaver CS5 delivers a professional development environment powerful enough to manage the most robust sites. Dynamically Related Files provides direct access to the assets necessary for these complex systems, including dynamically generated pages and content. New Live View Navigation allows you to explore the various states of your dynamic applications and pages - even those already deployed on a live server.

Dynamically Related Files

One of the biggest challenges in developing sites with a web-based content management system such as Wordpress, Joomla!, or Drupal is understanding how a page will look when its finally assembled. This is primarily due to the fact that each page is generated dynamically by the CMS from any number of individual “pieces,” known as includes, and is dependent on server-side logic to be viewed in a browser. Even the simplest pages in many of the popular CMS frameworks and themes have numerous dynamically related files, making it difficult to find the files you need.

Dynamically Related Files helps you build and update pages faster and simplifies management tasks for complex sites. With a single click, Dreamweaver discovers all of the external files and scripts necessary to assemble the page and displays their filenames in the Related Files toolbar. With Live View enabled, Dreamweaver renders the page as it will appear in standards-compliant browsers, complete with dynamic, database-driven content and server- and client-side logic.

Live View navigation

Expanding on the Live View feature introduced in Dreamweaver CS4, Live View navigation allows you to quickly and accurately check your code and your CMS design themes. You can view each page as it would be rendered in standards-compliant browser - with all links active - allowing you to interact with server-side applications and to preview dynamic data.

Live Code highlights changes as they happen, allowing you to quickly locate the dynamically loaded data or code changes triggered by JavaScript. At any stage of development, Live View Navigation also allows you to enter a URL to inspect pages served from a live web server and easily edit pages you have browsed to if they exist in one of your locally defined sites.

Adobe CS Live online services, featuring BrowserLab

Dreamweaver CS5 integrates with Adobe BrowserLab, one of the new CS Live online services, which provides a fast and accurate solution for cross-browser compatibility testing. Whether you are new to web design or a seasoned professional, you can use BrowserLab to preview web pages and local content with multiple viewing and comparison tools, and create custom sets of browsers to meet your projects requirements.

While working within Dreamweaver CS5, you can interact with your page in Live view, including the ability to freeze JavaScript-triggered interactions, and then send this “snapshot” of the page directly to BrowserLab for an accurate preview in the specific browsers and operating systems youve chosen. For traditional designers struggling to understand how the various browsers and browser versions render their content, Onionskin view in BrowserLab allows you to overlay the same page in two different browsers or browser versions to easily spot the differences.

Integration with Adobe Business Catalyst

In todays competitive environment, clients are demanding more from their websites - they want true business results. With the Adobe Business Catalyst extension for Dreamweaver (available separately and in English only) and the Business Catalyst online service (available separately) you can deliver powerful business websites without programming and at a fraction of the traditional time and cost - all from within your familiar Dreamweaver workspace.

Business Catalyst is an online service that can replace the need for 5+ tools with one central platform for web designers that works hand in hand with Dreamweaver through the Business Catalyst extension for Dreamweaver. Using Adobes unified platform and without back-end coding, you can build everything from amazing websites to powerful online stores, from beautiful brochure-ware sites to lead generation mini-sites.

Creative expression and design

Creative Suite 5 Web Premium opens powerful gateways that allow you to express your creativity. Transform static Photoshop, Illustrator, and Fireworks designs into fully interactive projects with Flash Catalyst. Use industry-leading design applications like Photoshop Extended to add visually, appealing 3D artwork, and Illustrator to add crisp, sharp graphics, to your websites and applications.

Approachable interaction design with Flash CatalystNew from Adobe, Flash Catalyst is built with the designer in mind, combining an intuitive user interface and toolset that will feel familiar - similar to Photoshop, Illustrator, and Fireworks - with the expressiveness, consistency, and reach of Adobe Flash technology. The result: a feature-rich interaction design tool you can successfully use to publish SWF files without writing code.

Designing and building interactive applications doesnt have to be hard, and with Flash Catalyst, it isnt. Thats because Flash Catalyst uses a simple and intuitive menu-driven interface with easy-to-understand language. As youd expect from a professional Adobe design tool, you always have complete control over the appearance of your artwork, and you publish your interactive content as a SWF file that displays with Adobe Flash Player 10.

Flash Catalyst is developer-friendly, and writes the code for you in the background while you focus on the task at hand - creating expressive, interactive content. Using the open-source Adobe Flex framework as its underlying structure, Flash Catalyst helps ensure that when you have to hand more complex projects off to a developer, everything is already in place, ready to go.

Easy 3D extrusions with Adobe Repousse

in Photoshop ExtendedRepousse' is an ancient metalworking technique for embossing artwork on the surface of metals such as gold, silver, copper, tin, and bronze. Photoshop Extended offers a powerful new feature, inspired by this traditional technique, for creating eye-catching 3D artwork. Use Adobe Repousse' to easily convert 2D artwork into 3D objects, and then create depth by altering the extrusion properties of the 3D model. Easily extrude text to create logos and 3D artwork for use in websites, video frames, or layouts.

Crisp graphics for web and mobile devices in Illustrator

When youre designing artwork for Adobe Flash Catalyst, Flash Professional, and Dreamweaver, its critical that images look sharp - especially standard web graphics at 72ppi resolution. In Illustrator CS5, you can generate clean, sharp raster graphics by turning on Align To Pixel Grid. Objects are automatically nudged to the closest pixel edge when you create them or apply transformations. Now, a one-pixel stroke wont straddle two pixels and get blurred or lost with anti-aliasing. Zoom in to see the grid, and watch your objects align as you work.

Illustrator CS5 also includes four anti-aliasing options to create readable text for the web, mobile devices, handsets, gaming devices, or any destination where you need to generate raster images from your Illustrator artwork. Choose among Sharp, Crisp, Strong, and Smooth, which match the text anti-aliasing rules in Photoshop.

Creative Suite integration

Creative Suite 5 Web Premium helps you complete your work more efficiently. With integration across the tools, you get an environment that truly enhances your workflow.

Adobe Flash Builder integration

Adobe Flash Builder (formerly Adobe Flex Builder) is a professional Eclipse-based developer tool that enables intelligent coding, interactive step-through debugging, and visual design of the user interface and behavior for Flex applications. Adobe Flash Builder 4 Standard is included with Adobe Creative Suite 5 Web Premium.

Flash Builder and Flash Professional integration

Rather than having to choose between one integrated development environment (IDE) and another, you can now write your ActionScript code in Flash Builder and then test, debug, and publish your content in Flash Professional.

Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst integration

Flash Catalyst offers you the ability to design expressive, interactive content without writing code. When a project requires development - for example, a connection to data services - you can hand your Flash Catalyst project over to a developer who can open it directly in Flash Builder, preserving design fidelity and interactions defined by you.

Everything you do in Flash Catalyst - from artwork creation to defining interactivity - is intelligently expressed in MXML, the language of the Flex framework, behind the scenes.

Flash Catalyst saves files in the FXP format - the same file format that Flash Builder uses. This clean separation between the design and the application logic makes it easy for developers and designers to work together in an efficient and productive manner.

System Requirements:

  • Multicore Intel processor
  • Mac OS X v10.5.7 or v10.6
  • 1GB of RAM or more recommended
  • 11.2GB of available hard-disk space for installation; additional free space required during installation (cannot install on a volume that uses a case-sensitive file system or on removable flash-based storage devices)
  • 1280x800 display (1280x1024 recommended) with qualified hardware-accelerated OpenGL graphics card, 16-bit color, and 256MB of VRAM
  • Some GPU-accelerated features require graphics support for Shader Model 3.0 and OpenGL 2.0
  • DVD-ROM drive compatible with dual-layer DVDs
  • Java Runtime Environment 1.5 or 1.6
  • QuickTime 7.6.2 software required for multimedia features
  • Adobe Flash Player 10 software required to export SWF files
  • Broadband Internet connection required for online services


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